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Questions & Quick Fixes

Need to ask a quick question? Email us at lsrequest@vcu.edu
When requesting assistance, please be sure to provide all necessary information needed to assess your particular problem.

What information do we need?

  • Details describing what is affected, including: 
    • The current behavior (i.e. “My Canvas gradebook is not displaying student grades.”)
    • The expected behavior (i.e. “My Canvas gradebook should be displaying student grades for assignment #3).
    • When this issue was first noticed and how long this issue has persisted.
  • Information about the affected device:
    • What type of device is affected (i.e. mobile, laptop)
    • What browser type is being used (i.e. Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge)
    • Is this isolated to one device, or affecting multiple devices?
  • eID(s) of any affected users
  • Direct URL to the course or the course component in question
  • Course ID in the following format: UNIV-XXX-XXX-term
  • Useful screenshots