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Request a Canvas 3rd Party Tool

The VCU-affiliated individual requesting the installation of a new or upgraded version of a Canvas 3rd party tool should first complete the following form: Canvas 3rd Party Tool Request Form

To preview the form prior to submission, please see: EXAMPLE: Canvas 3rd Party Tools LTI Request Form.

This form will require signature from the requesting party with an acceptance of responsibilities. The following is required prior to submission of the Canvas 3rd Party Tool Request Form:

  1. Submission to IT Governance process, at the following link: https://itgovernance.vcu.edu/submit-for-review/
    1. If a tool has been previously reviewed, re-submission is required if documentation is 3+ years old.
  2. Be prepared to provide the following information:
    1. IT Governance tracking number
    2. Overview of tool support resources and tool support routing information
    3. Known and/or estimated level of tool usage
    4. Vendor contact information for requested tool
    5. Contact information for internal VCU group(s) testing Canvas tool functionality

Information should be included for each field of the form. It is important to provide information about any fees for the tool, and who will cover this cost. If this cost is paid by students, this cost should be noted on the initial request form.

The Vendor is expected to be able to provide a Canvas Integration Guide for LTI 1.3, as well as an HECVAT and VPAT, contract or agreement, data types stored, costs and funding methods, and a technical support contact who can assist with the integration if issues should arise.

The vendor contact should follow the instructions located within the DocuSign form on how and where to submit the documentation. 

If a recommendation is made to halt the installation at any stage, supplemental information will be provided to the IT Governance committee. Requesters will be provided with any supplemental information related to the denial of an installation request. If a tool completes all stages of the above process successfully, the requester will be notified and given a date for installation in VCU’s Canvas environment.