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Asynchronous [Self-Paced] Training

Canvas Training Services Portal

Educators can access the Canvas Training Services Portal for self-paced training resources or to register for live training and webinars provided by the vendor (Instructure, makers of Canvas.)

If you are a VCU faculty and staff member and are having trouble accessing this portal, enter a ticket with our team and we will be happy to assist.

Surviving in Canvas Mini-Courses

Academic Technologies and VCU Online have collaborated to create a series of asynchronous self-paced mini-courses as an alternative to the Teaching with Technology Bootcamp sessions. These courses integrate both technological and pedagogical insights and are intended for faculty and staff who are interested in learning more about using Canvas to facilitate their course(s).

Canvas users with beginner to intermediate experience will benefit immensely from the knowledge brought forth by our qualified professionals at their most pivotal moments throughout the semester. Each course has a 10 day time limit from the time of enrollment and should take no longer than 1 hour to complete.

Go Surviving in Canvas Mini-Courses to enroll.

Learning Systems Academy

The Learning Systems Academy was created to support VCU faculty with technology for teaching and learning. Modeled after the Khan Academy, the more personalized approach allows you to get the information you need when you need it.

The Learning Systems Academy has a library of videos on topics ranging from beginner Canvas to using Kaltura. The short clip format makes it easy for users to get quick help on things like “Sending an Email in Canvas” or "Adding Comments to a Kaltura Video.” You can search for a specific topic or simply click on clip you are interested in learning more about; each video is about 3 to 5 minutes or less.  These videos are created by subject-matter experts on the Learning Systems team, and are recorded on the VCU system, making it easier to relate it to your own courses or content.

Visit the Learning Systems Academy Kaltura Channel to access these videos.

Note: You will be required to enter your eID and password.

If you don’t see a topic of interest, please contact us at lsrequest@vcu.edu to let us know what you would like added.

LinkedIn Learning Opportunities

  • Create and Manage Courses with Canvas - this course explores how to set up and use Canvas, including, how to set up a class, work with students, teach online, and discusses best practices for leveraging Canvas for student success. Additionally, the instructor covers grading, adding assignments, student communication, and adding multimedia. If you’re looking to enhance the online component of your classes, this course is for you.

For additional information and opportunities, visit the TS LinkedIn Learning website.