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Canvas 3rd Party Tools

Canvas is VCU’s centrally supported Learning Management System (LMS). Canvas has the capability to integrate with 3rd Party Tools  and are used to enhance course facilitation through the platform. The Learning Systems team manages Canvas and supports this integration process. 

For a list of Canvas 3rd Party Tools that are currently available in Canvas, and have already been installed by the Learning Systems team, please see the table below.

Please note: Submission of this form is NOT necessary for faculty interested in adding a tool to their course only. The VCU faculty community is a driving force in identifying innovative tools that meet their course goals, and for that reason we have enabled course-level integration within VCU's Canvas environment. Caution is advised for any tool's potential impact on students (cost, security, accessibility, etc). Instructors needing tools for their own courses should work with the vendor or publisher to get credentials (i.e. secret and key) and configuration instructions. For more information, please see "How Do I Add a Canvas 3rd Party Tool To My Course?".

For additional information, please see the dropdowns below. If you have any additional questions, please reach out to our team at LSrequest@vcu.edu

List of Currently Installed 3rd Party Tools @ VCU

Click on the name of a tool for more information.

*If a tool is listed with 'No' VCU agreement it is subject to removal at a later date.

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