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Non-VCU User Access (Affiliates)

Affiliates are individuals who are associated with Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) but who are not paid University employees. Proper identification of affiliates and maintenance of their information helps to provide a safe and secure campus environment for all employees, students, patients, and visitors, as well as access to certain privileges such as VCUCards and email.

To ensure data accuracy in Banner, a Social Security Number (SSN) is strongly encouraged to avoid duplicate records. If the affiliate does not wish to provide a SSN, enter nine digits of all eights in the SSN field. For example, enter 888888888. An automated process will then create a temporary SSN for the individual.


Responsibility Data input and maintenance is decentralized to the “owning” department (the department responsible for the individual’s affiliation with VCU). It is the responsibility of a department’s Personnel Administrator (PA) to enter and maintain affiliate information and to terminate affiliations in a timely manner.


Access to enter, renew, and terminate affiliates is limited to those with PA access in Banner.


The report “Affiliates in Banner” is available in the Personnel Administrator folder in the VCU Reporting Center on myVCU.

For Assistance

Contact VCU Human Resources for assistance.