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Migrating a Classic Quiz to the New Quizzes Format

While previously created Classic Quizzes will stay intact, there is an option to convert your Classic Quiz over to the New Quizzes format.

Note: There is no way to migrate a New Quiz back to the Classic Quiz format should you decide to delete the original Classic Quiz.

This can be done by navigating to the quiz you would like to migrate, clicking on the 3 vertical dots menu, and selecting Migrate.

Migrate Classic Quiz to New Quiz Format

While the migration is in progress, you will see a quiz with the same title start to form and a large blue “loading” icon circling beside it.

Quiz Migration Loading Icon

Once completed, you will see a new version of the quiz with the same title in the New Quizzes format. The rocket ship icon that is outlined in black indicates a Classic Quiz, whereas, the rocket ship icon colored in black indicates the New Quizzes format.

Classic and New Quiz Icons 2