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Requests for Automated Canvas Enrollments

The integration of Banner with Canvas generally governs the automation of course creation and course enrollments. There may be use cases wherein courses are utilized within Canvas for non-credit purposes for large populations. In some cases, the automation of enrollments may be preferred or required for long-term maintenance. 

The Learning Systems and Administrative Systems teams request a minimum of three weeks as a default timeline for any requests involving the integration of Banner with Canvas. Ellucian, the vendor that maintains the Banner software suite in the cloud, requires a minimum of two weeks lead time in relation to these requests.

If this is a follow-up request to an existing enrollment automation with no change in the original request parameters, the Learning Systems team requests a minimum of one week notice for implementation.

Please note: This process documentation provides a framework for considering implementation of automated enrollments via Banner and Canvas. This may not be feasible or recommended in all situations. 

For more information about this process and next steps, please see the information below.

Requirements: Enabling Automation

  1. We are only able to automate the enrollment of users that have a VCU eID. Please see below for additional information.

VCU-Affiliated Users (Users With eIDs)
All VCU users who have an assigned eID (which can be verified at the following URL: https://myeid.vcu.edu/) are able to log into Canvas to access courses to which they have been assigned through SIS import and/or manual add. 

General Canvas login URL (SSO): https://virginiacommonwealth.instructure.com/login/saml

VCU Health and MCV Physicians (VCU-Affiliated Employees: Need to Claim eID)
VCU Health, MCV Physicians employees who don't have an eID can claim one using the following resource: https://ts.vcu.edu/askit/eid/eidaccountclaim/


  • You may not have a VNumber if you are a VCU Health System employee, in that case, please use the 16-digit number on your badge.
  • Only VCU Health and MCV physicians that are paid by VCU or are entered in Banner as a VCU employee are able to be enrolled in a course via automation.

Non-VCU Users: Affiliate Account Process (Do Not Have an eID)
Examples: Contractors, Partner Organizations, Guest Speakers from External Organizations

Once an account is created it can be added to Canvas for access: https://ts.vcu.edu/askit/eid/other-eid-resources/eid-for-affiliates/

  1. Please describe the need for the automation of enrollments. The Learning Systems team will consider this rationale and determine if it is an appropriate use case for automation. Please note that changes to automations require a three-week turnaround time, and automations can be time-bound, requiring follow-up requests to ensure they are running in following semesters.

  2. Please provide the following information about the request:
    • Responsible support contact for the respective course
    • Course ID and/or direct link to the Canvas course
    • Duration of the course (i.e. continuous, term-based)
    • How often will the course repeat (i.e. once/semester, annually)
    • Does the course need to be archived at any point?
    • Students in this course must be able to be identified using a unique attribute present in Banner (i.e. students from X MBU, etc.)
    • Are there any other requirements that we should be aware of in relation to this request?

Requests for Support
Learning Systems is not actively monitoring enrollments, course accessibility or availability in relation to these requests. All requests for support should be directed to LSrequest@vcu.edu.