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Sub-Account Admin Requests

Users from different departments may be required to manage, on some level, multiple or all of the courses created within that department. In order to do this, you must first request that a sub-account be created and that you be listed as an administrator for that specific sub-account. This is called being a Sub-Account Admin.

This may give you the ability to create courses for that department and many other tasks.

In order to be granted sub-account admin access, you must first take the following training offerings:

  • Being An Everyday Admin
  • Assessment Tools for Admins

Note: Both sessions are live, meaning it is let by a Canvas Instructure (LMS vendor) trainer and you will have to sign up for the training on the next available time slot.

It is required that users complete these trainings in order to be granted Sub-Account Admin privileges.

To access either of these training options, you must first login to Canvas. 

Once logged into Canvas, click on Help in your Global Navigation and select the Canvas Training Services Portal link.

TSP Link

You must click Authorize in order to grant access to your account.

Select the Offerings & Pathways tab [1] enter the title Being an Everyday Admin and Assessment Tools for Admins in the search bar [2]. Click on the training you are looking for [3].

TSP Offerings_Pathways_Search Bar

TSP Being an Everyday AdminTSP Assessment Tools for Admins