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User Statuses in Canvas

Suspended User Status

Beginning Monday, March 7, 2022, student status in Canvas will now follow the VCU Continuous Enrollment Policy which says that a student who misses 3 semesters is considered inactive and needs to reapply for admission.  Suspended users can no longer log in to Canvas Web or Mobile (mobile tokens are temporarily disabled). However, other data such as enrollments and grades remain intact.

Access to Canvas will be restricted once a student's status changes from 'active' to 'former-student' in Records and Registration.  Any changes to this status will need to be made in Records and Registration.

Enrollment Status of 'Waitlisted', 'Withdrawn' or Students Who Transfer Sections

In partnership with the LMS Faculty & Stakeholder group, LS implemented the following changes.

‘Withdrawn’, ‘Waitlisted’ and students who transfer sections will appear in the Canvas roster and gradebook as ‘Inactive.’ This allows the instructor to see the student but does not allow the student access to the course.

Inactive User Status

In the case that a student withdraws at any time and there is a request for student activity within the course (i.e. submissions, grades), this information will be available for inactive students, which is an added benefit of this option. To access inactive/withdrawn students’ grades visit the View User Details page. Additionally, you can View Grades for Inactive or Concluded Students in the Gradebook.

Students that change sections will be flagged as ‘inactive’ in the Canvas course roster as opposed to being deleted.  This change also impacts students that ‘drop’ a course completely.  Instead of being ‘deleted’ and removed from the roster, students will be flagged as ‘inactive’.


  • This update does not affect students in courses previous to the Spring 2022 semester.
  • Withdrawn students may or may not involve activity within the course, whereas, Waitlisted students involves no activity within the course.
  • This change includes students who have added and removed courses during the official add/drop week.