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Assignments, any type of online assessment (Example — exams, homework assignments, placements tests, quizzes, unit tests, etc.), offer interactive opportunities for students to demonstrate their understanding of your lessons.

Assignments are graded assessments that can be used for student practice or count towards student Gradebooks.

The Assignment Editor has 3 components and is used to generate assignments:

  • The Choose Name tab to name your new assignment.
  • The Select Questions tab to define your assignment questions.
  • The Properties tab to define the assignment properties.

A new assignment that's created in a parent class is automatically inherited (except for the Text to show at the head of each page and Text to show on the results page) by a child class. Changes to that parent class’s assignment are inherited by a child class as follows:

  • Changes to the assignment name, short name, and description are inherited
  • Changes to the text to show at the head of each page and on the results page aren't inherited
  • Changes to the assignment questions are inherited
  • Changes to the assignment properties aren't inherited
  • Changes to the assignment Policy Set (if a Policy Set was applied) are inherited

Only certain components of an inherited assignment can be edited within child class. Check out Edit an assignment. These edits will only apply to that child class and its descendants.

Create an Assignment in the Möbius Portal