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Note: Student accounts are automatically created when they access a Möbius activity within their course.

Get an Account in Möbius

1. Open your Canvas course and click Assignments from the course navigation. Click +Assignment.

Add Assignment

2. Fill in the Name, Points, and any other details required for the assignment.

3. Complete the fields under the Submission Type heading:

  • Submission Type: Select External Tool from the drop-down list.
  • External Tool URL: Click Find [1] and select the Möbius [PILOT] | Ending June 2024 app [2] and click Select [3].
  • Select the Load This Tool In A New Tab check box. [4]

Mobius External Tool Selection

Load in New Tab Box

4. Click Save & Publish.

5. Go to the activity you just created in your Canvas course and click on it. This will in turn automatically create your account on Möbius.