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Changing Video Ownership within the Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS)

Users can change the ownership of videos from the Kaltura MediaSpace (KMS). When a user leaves VCU, the Kaltura identity database is not updated with removals.  Because of this, eIDs are never deleted from the system and therefore, "orphaned" content will not be an issue.

To Change Ownership
When looking at your list of content in My Media:

1. Select a video.

2. Click Actions, then Edit.

3. Open the Collaboration Tab.

4. Select Change Media Owner.

5. Enter in the eID of the desired user.

Kaltura Administrators can change the ownership of videos in bulk. For this option, please submit a Help Request ticket located in the top right corner of the IT Support Center website. Only Department Heads / Directors can make this request in extenuating circumstances.  Every effort must be made to contact the original owner of the media.