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Interactive Video Quizzes Overview

Adding Inter-Activity to Media

Adding Interactive Video Quizzes (IVQ) to media increases the power of educational and training videos by embedding questions directly into the video. Kaltura’s interactive IVQ adds an effective way of imparting information by allowing the viewer to engage directly with the video. The quiz creator can also monitor the video’s impact. The IVQ feature increases engagement enables effective measurement and provides a new way to improve learning outcomes.

Features and Options

Interactive Video Quizzes are created and edited using the Kaltura Video Editing Tools Quiz Creator. The Quiz Creator enables you to create an unlimited number of multiple choice questions with 2-4 optional answers per question. The Kaltura Video Editing Tools Quiz Editor allows configuration of supportive learning tools that can include options that allow the user to download the questions before taking the quiz, request hints regarding quiz question answers, receive explanations regarding correct or incorrect answers, skip questions and return later to answer them.

Users can watch media segments multiple times in preparation for answering questions; and receive feedback, correct answers, and in-depth explanations when completing questions.

How Do Interactive Video Quizzes Work?

Through its easy-to-use interface, the Kaltura Video Editing Tools Quiz Creator can seamlessly embed multiple choice questions at any point in a video. As users watch the video, each question appears at its chosen point; the video continues after the user answers the question. Flexible settings allow quiz creators to choose whether to allow users to repeat sections, skip questions, revise answers, receive hints, and discover the correct answers. Practically, IVQ increases engagement, tests knowledge and retention, and gathers media effectiveness data.

On the quiz creator’s side, IVQ integrates seamlessly as part of Kaltura’s standalone applications like MediaSpace or Kaltura integrated applications on Windows and Mac platforms. It can be used with the customer’s LMS or SBS such as Canvas.

On the playback side, IVQ is part of Kaltura player and is supported by the player wherever media quizzes are embedded and presented. Viewing and use are supported on any digital device.

The following list provides a few examples of IVQ use cases:

  • IVQ enables the quiz creator to add questions or polls to lectures, training videos, marketing materials, and other media. This enables the creator to increase audience engagement with the media content, and reduce user drop-out rates.
  • IVQ enables the quiz creator to link learning materials directly to test questions so that users received immediate feedback about whether or not they understood the information presented.
  • The IVQ customer can create a lightweight certification system that provides an easy way to present both course material and testing.
  • IVQ enables Kaltura customers to conduct market research, and collect feedback or poll results inside the media used to present information or choices.

Creating and Editing Interactive Video Quizzes

Use the Kaltura Quiz Editor to:

  • Create an Interactive Video Quiz
  • Edit an Interactive Video Quiz

To create a quiz:

  1. Login to your Kaltura MediaSpace.

  2. Click on Add New and select Video Quiz.

    Add Video Quiz 

    The Editor/Media Selection page will then be displayed.

    NOTE: You may create or modify a quiz from VOD, Audio, and YouTube entries. You may not create quizzes from Live and Image entries.

  3. Beside the existing media you would like to create a quiz from, click the Select button [a]. If you would like to upload new media to create a quiz from, click the Upload Media button [b].

    Select or Upload Media

  4. The Kaltura Editor is launched, and the Quiz tab is selected with your chosen media.

  5. Click Start to create the Quiz.

    Note: A copy of the media is created, and the original media is retained.
  6. Use the Expand/Minimize icon to minimize/expand the left panel to allow a clearer view.

    Video Quiz Expand and Minimize Panel

    Optional - Steps 6 through 8 include all options in the Quiz Editor with their default values. Open each section to modify the default values for the selected media entry. 

  7. Click on the Details tab. Default values are displayed. You may Revert to defaults at any time.

    Upon Submission:

    Resulting Display for the end-user

    Quiz Name

    Quiz Name

    Welcome Message

    The message that is displayed on the first screen of the quiz. If you disable the Welcome message display, viewers will not be able to see the Pre-test question list.

    Allow Download to Question List

    Your viewers will be able to download the quiz question list and possible answers before they start playing the media.


    Includes basic instructions on how to complete the quiz.

  8. Click the Scoring tab to set or modify the scoring options. Default values are displayed. You may Revert to defaults at any time.

    Upon Submission:

    Resulting Display for the end-user

    Do Not Show Scores

    A 'Thank You' message will display after submitting the quiz. No scores will be presented to the quiz-taker.

    Show Scores

    Your viewers will see the quiz score page after the quiz is submitted.

    Include Answers

    Your viewers will be able to see correct/incorrect answers, as well as the correct answer’s rationale if you chose to add it during the quiz creation (add link to where we talk about the “Why” button)

  9. Click the Experience tab to set or modify the experience options. Default values are displayed. You may Revert to defaults at any time.


    Resulting Display for the end-user

    Allow answers change

    Your viewers will be able to change an answer before submitting the entire quiz, during review mode.

    Allow Skip

    Users will be presented with the "Skip for Now" button.

    Do not allow skip

    Users must submit an answer before proceeding forward.

    Click Save after each time you modify any option.

Adding Questions and Answers to Your Quiz

This section describes how to add, edit and delete questions for the media quiz.

After you click the Start button or select to edit an existing quiz, the Quiz Creator screen is displayed on the player.

Kaltura Video Quiz Question Types

Use this screen to:

  • Select the question type.
  • Add/Delete Questions
  • Add/Delete Answers 
  • Create Hints 
  • Create Rational (Why)
  • Add Links
  • Shuffle the order of answers

It is highly recommended that you place your final question close to the end of the video. After every question, the video continues from the point the video stopped 9before the question). Placing the final question near the end keeps the user engaged until the video topic is completed.

To create the quiz questions and answers:

  1. Play the video or move the media’s realtime marker to the desired point in the video’s timeline.

  2. Select a question type by clicking on one of the icons. 

    The following question types are available:
  • Multiple Choice - Question with only one correct answer.

    Video Quiz Multiple Choice Question Type

  • True/False

    Video Quiz True False Question Type

  • Reflection Point

    Video Quiz Reflection Point Question Type
  • Open-Ended
    Video Quiz Open Ended Question Type
  • (optional) For questions only, you can add a link. To add a link in Windows: Enter Ctrl K , in MAC Command K. .Change the link title to the text to display on the question and change the URL to the desired URL site.
  • In the Add the CORRECT Answer Here field – enter the correct answer. 
  • In the Add Additional Answer Here field– enter other possible answers to choose from. Two answers are mandatory. Click the Plus sign to add more answers. You may add up to four answers (maximum).
  • Use the Shuffle icon to shuffle the order of the answers, or hover over the three dots in the answers to manually drag the answers to re-order them. Shuffling your answers will ensure that the correct answer is not presented at the same order every time. The correct answer displays a checkmark at the right end of it.

    Video Quiz Shuffle Icon

  • To delete an answer, click on the x near the answer. The correct answer cannot be deleted, only modified.

    (optional)  Before you save the question, you may add a hint to the correct answer. When you finalize the quiz, you may add the Why rational.
  • (optional) Click the light bulb icon. The Hint and Why icons are displayed. A hint contains additional information the user can choose to see while answering the question. It does not affect the score or any other  behavior or parameter of the IVQ. The “Why” icon is the rationale of the correct answer, which can explain your users why this is the correct answer. 

    Video Quiz Add Hint or Why icon
  1. Click Hint and enter a Hint. Click Apply or Remove. If the question has a hint a small ‘V’ icon is displayed in the Hint icon.

    Video Quiz Add a Hint

  2. Click Why and enter the rational. Click Apply or Remove. The Why comes up only at the end of the quiz and only when the option to "Include Answers" is checked in the Scoring tab.

    Video Quiz Add a Why Rational
  • Click Save to save the question or Delete to delete the question. The question is saved with the question indicator on the timeline.
  • Move the media’s realtime marker to the desired point in the video’s timeline to add additional questions and repeat the steps in this section.
  • Click Done when done. The Editor screen is displayed with the quiz questions displayed as cue points on the timeline. In this example, the quiz has 3 questions. The total number of questions is also indicated on top of the timeline.

To Preview the Quiz

  1. Click on the Preview button in the top right-hand corner.
  2. Click Play and then Continue to see the quiz you created. Click Escape in the top right-hand corner to exit Preview mode.
  3. Play the video and be certain that the questions and answers are correct and in their proper places in the media. Click on the question cue point to jump to the question.

    Video Quiz Question Cue point

To edit a quiz:

  1. While still in the quiz, click Edit Quiz.
  2. Click on the question cue point on the timeline.
  3. Enter your changes on the quiz editor screen, and Save.
  4. Click on the x near the answer to delete an answer. Click on the 3 dots to shuffle the order of the answers. Click Delete to delete the entire question.
  5. To Preview the quiz, click the Eye icon below the player.
  6. When you are done creating or editing the quiz, click Done.

To view or continue editing your quiz:

  1. Use the Edit tab to continue editing your quiz, or to trim or clip the media. You will see the question icons spread on the Timeline as a reference.
  2. Click Go To Media to view the quiz in your media list.

Viewing the Pre-Test 

You can view all the questions and their possible answers before you take the actual quiz.  The option Question List must be checked in the Experience tab.

Viewing the Pre-test is very useful to students or users that want to prepare the subject matter of the quiz ahead of time. 

To view the questions before taking the quiz:

  1. Login to your Kaltura  MediaSpace.
  2. Go to My Media. 
  3. Click on the entry.
  4. Play the video.
  5. Click on Pre-test Available to open the questions and answers list in PDF format.

    The questionnaire and possible answers are downloaded to your PC in PDF.